09 marzo, 2007


flickr of the day: the philosopher

song of the day: Imagínate que te quiero, Bosé.

quote of the day: 'Estoy haciendo un proyecto sobre... reggeatón', Yo.

5 comentarios:

une pétite étoile dijo...

I really really miss u, blue days are not pretty.

Melissa dijo...

Serg! ayer por fin pude ver The Fountain! Es HERMOSA. Te extraño mucho mucho :(

humantree dijo...

étoile: cada vez falta menos, todos mis abrazos.

melissa: qué bueno que te gustó, y para ti falta aún menos jeje... miss you too.

Dalid dijo...

Lovely picture (I enjoyed the title ... the interplay is great and sufficiently necessary). Great song ... enough said. I won't comment on the quote, but I do find it amusing.
I'm glad yesterday was you and me, I'm glad the music could reach you, and I'm glad you can lean on me .. we do pick each other up. Best times of my life.

humantree dijo...

dalid: glad you liked it my friend. thanx.